V.A. Tretyak, the President of Ice Hockey Federation of Russia 

The Interactive Simulator is a promising tool for technique and tactical perfection, physical fitness of hockey players of various age groups. We believe that further development of the Simulator for hockey application is required.


Experts of the Russian Football Union

N.I. Kiselyov, Honored Coach of Russia

A.A Kuznetsov, Honored Coach of Russia

N.A Kocheshkov, Coach of the Youth National Football Team

A.E. Vlasov, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Deputy Technical Director of the Russian Football Union

A.E. Orlov, Goalkeeper Coach of youth national teams of the  Russian Football Union

I.N. Solovyov, Coacher-Counselor of Specialised Children and Youth Sports School of the Olympic Reserve ‘Trudovye Reservy’

The Interactive Simulator is applicable for individual football player’s training. The best array of applications of the Simulator can be:

- individual technique training (orientation in mid-air, decision-making time);

- individual physical training: physical qualities enhancement (physical alertness, endurance, agility);

The application of the Simulator for coaching, above all, young footballers seems to be quite promising. 


O.I. Orlov, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of Medical and Biological Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The system developed by LEMA Company can be used to evaluate performance/capacity during the game. The system is also useful to analyse tactics (that is of the competitor, and one’s own tactics); for individual players to interact; to design a game plan and to analyse tactics and interaction of team members during the game.


I.Yu. Radchich, General Director of Federal Research Centre of Physical Training and Sport 

The Interactive Simulator for team sports developed by LEMA Company, by all means, provides good opportunities for training athletes. There are good prospects for introducing the Simulator in sports schools to train young athletes. A wider application for coaching club teams and national teams will require sport experts’ supervision to develop target algorithm software aimed at solving certain problems.


Yu.A. Minakov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Honored Builder of the Russian Federation, Councilor of Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences 

Video display systems have become the integral part of modern sport facilities. Such systems help to create the unique atmosphere for fans, make the sport event more spectacular and provide high standard of broadcasting and arrangement. The developed innovative technology provides a unique opportunity to transfer an advertising message to the audience in a creative way and fill the intervals between the major competitions with show programmes.


V.A. Pesoshin, Head of Computer Systems Department of A.N. Tupolev Kazan National Research University, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation  

… it is the order of time when in order to win efforts of athletes, scholars, engineers, inventors and other professionals are to be consolidated. The expediency of using the authors’ technology for vocational selection and guidance in all fields is to be stressed. The application of the Simulator in diagnostic and rehabilitation centres to examine the individual characteristics of the cerebrospinal nervous system and organism is beyond question. Possibly the technology will contribute to solving the gravest nation’s problem to be physical inactivity. When the technology is implemented the young people will be able to simulate and programme high-capacity motional tests to compete with each other. Maybe new spectacular kinds of sport to unite people of various age groups and capabilities based on the new technology will appear.


H.L. Drandrov, Head of Sport Disciplines Department of Chuvash State Pedagogical University Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Football Coach of the Higher Qualification Category

Training group tactical actions is based upon simulations of game situations during work-out sessions. The athletes are supposed to be fast and precise in recognizing the game situation referring it to the particular type and then they are to apply the adequate group tactical action. The Interactive Simulator developed by the staff of LEMA Company in close to real conditions allows to:

- simulate space and time structure of the game situations, including the location and relocation of the ball, defenders, attacking players within the football field; 

-assign defenders’ action algorithm to influence each game situation and its development;  

- act upon the game situation development by every attacking player (performing operations with a ball – handling and performing operations without a ball –opening for handling;

- coordinate attacking players’ actions between themselves in time and space;

- obtain information on the characteristics of tactical actions – precision and timeliness of ball handling and opening.

Taking into account the above said the benefits of the Interactive Simulator are to be emphasised for team sports, football including. I am certain that the Simulator will be of great interest for the coaches who train young football players and this will result in the considerable advancement of sports school and children and youth sports school of the Olympic reserve leavers.  


V.E. Gorsky, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor, General Director of Limited Liability Company LIFE IN HOCKEY

Modelled the Simulator actions in team situations create favourable conditions to step up unwinding individual tactical proficiency of the hockey players to be promptness and precision in taking tactical decisions to provide efficiency of group and team tactical actions.

The application of the Simulator for tactical training of hockey players of all qualification types and of all age groups is, in our opinion, a quite new approach to training hockey players.


A.S. Gagiev, First Deputy Minister of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus

…the proposed development of the Interactive Simulator is a promising area for developing the technologies of athletes’ coaching. The Simulator is of great use for conducting scientific researches to develop corresponding methods of coaching in team sports.

Owing to close scientific and sport ties between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus we suggest joint implementing the project by the leading research institutions of the two states…


M.E. Prudnikova, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Professor Russian Academy of Natural Science, Honored Science and Education Worker

While applying knowledge of psychology of colour and light influence on the human being, the authors integrally make use of the multimedia. The target combination of interactive dynamically lit units and sound for coaching is a new field in sport science to be paid special attention to.

The value of the given technology in terms of scientific and practical capacity going beyond athletes’ training and testing should be noted. Such interactive simulators would fit well pre-school institutions, schools, higher educational institutions, specialised schools and rehabilitation centres.


A.V. Shevkoplyas, General Director of Limited Liability Company NATA-INFO

Guided by our own experience in developing and producing imaging and display devices NATA-INFO Company see good prospects of introducing the Training Simulator and take interest in implementing the project of the Interactive Sport Simulator.


S.A. Valiullina, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Deputy Director of Research Institute of First Aid Children Surgery and Traumatology, Head of Rehabilitation Department

The Simulator is applicable when delivering specialized medical care in rehabilitation centres during the convalescent period or in clinics where dynamic monitoring with medical aftercare in the late trauma period of a patient is provided. 


S.M Kiverin, Minister of Sport of the Republic of Mari El

... such multimedia tools can be widely applicable in the field of physical education, sport and show performances. The application of the Simulator will improve the effectiveness of training sessions and more personnel will be required to maintain the Simulator.


D.N. Shustov, Chairman, Chief Coach of the Social Organisation of Mini-football Club Green Key

Tactical and technique training of young footballers is in the focus to enhance their proficiency. Attaining mastery is possible with high-quality practice exercises. Interactive Training Simulator provides a good opportunity to improve and vary exercises many times and respectively raise the efficiency of coaching. Modelled by the Simulator game situations create facilitative conditions to develop tactical and technique proficiency of the young football players, quickness and precision of game situation perception and swiftness in taking tactical decisions.  

I believe that the application of the Interactive Simulator will result in considerable improvement of tactical and technique efficiency of children and youth sports school trainees.  


V. Petrov, TRIZ-Expert, Professor of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Representative TRIZ European Association (ETRIA) in Israel, Member of the International TRIZ Association Expertise Methodological Council

LEMA Company’s technologies are 21st century technologies, which can be used in many fields such as sport, medicine, education, shows. This technology has great potential that has not been disclosed to the end yet. The technology applies the most advanced information technology tools and high-tech.

Yu.V. Koryagina, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Deputy Director for Scientific Work of Extreme Conditions Science and Research Institute, Professor of Anatomy, Physiology, Sport Medicine and Hygiene Chair, Siberian State University of Physical Education and Sport

The rapid growth of competition and sportsmanship in sport boosts the constant search for new technologies improving the training system. The developed by LEMA specialists multipurpose interactive simulator gives an opportunity to develop effectively the particular athletes’ qualities for a variety of game and situational sports.

The Simulator can be used for training certain techniques, for development and improvement of complex technical and tactical actions, enhancing dynamic capacity and coordination abilities of athletes. This system can be applied for a training process and as methodological training support for national teams: for standard, complex and ongoing examinations, assessment of competitive activity.


E.P. Popechitelev, the RF Honored Science Worker, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of Biotechnical Systems Department, St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University

Designed by the LEMA specialists multi-purpose interactive simulator is a tool for effective development of specialized athletes’ skills for any game and situational kinds of sports and more.

The Simulator supports with the highest possible approximation to reality to model the space and time structure of the situations that can occur to a person or a group of people, and to train their behavior in unpredictable for them conditions. At the same time, the Simulator can be widely applicable not only for training athletes.

The situations to be created using the Simulator can be interpreted as the game ones. One can assign the contents of each situation and the course of its development, the players’ behaviour algorithm, coordination of players’ interactions in time and space; obtain the immediate information on the characteristics of the players’ actions and condition while they are doing the skill exercise.

Using psychological knowledge of the influence of light, colour and sound on a human, the authors in a comprehensive way make use of a range of multimedia tools. In addition, the simulator provides visual and auditory communication between the parties, as well as the elements of the active biological feedback to control the actions and the condition of the person. This is a new promising area in sport science and training, which deserves special attention. The Simulator is both suitable for the training process (for example, for GTO standards) and as methodological support of the comprehensive, interval and current examination and physical fitness evaluation.

Furthermore, the possibilities of this Simulator and the technologies based on it are much broader and are of great scientific and practical prospects going beyond the boundaries of sport application, and not fully disclosed yet. It is suitable as a diagnostic and rehabilitation instrument in specialized centers, where the functional characteristics of the human body are study and trained.

Another promising application is for group testing when tactical actions training assignments are created in the simulated situation with the subsequent analysis of the tactical operations of the group of people. Perhaps the approaches inherent in the technology will be the key ones for solving one of the most serious problems of our time being physical inactivity. Many people will be given an opportunity to simulate and programme capacious motor tests, offering them to each other as creative competitions.



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In October 2013, the development Interactive Training Method in Team Sports received the highest appraisal of experts and was awarded with gold medals at the International Festival of Innovations, Knowledge and Inventions "Tesla Fest" in Serbia and in the Russian-British Forum of Inventions and Innovative Technologies in the UK.